Pre Rolled Cannabis Joints aka Pre-Rolled Marijuana, & Pre Rolled Blunts

Think back on your life. Was there ever a moment you wish you had a joint or blunt to make that experience even more special? We get it. There’s not always time to roll your weed, or perhaps you are physically unable to. We are happy to have you covered at Just Cannabis. Whether you’re after a Hybrid pre rolled joint or a pre rolled blunt, we have what you need! Our Pre Rolled joints contain only the highest quality cannabis pre roll buds, hand selected to ensure we are offering the best. Perfect for when you’re on the go, or even just relaxing at home. There’s no wrong time to smoke a pre-roll! So be sure to join the community now. 

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Pre Rolled Joints

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Pre Rolled Joints

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What are Pre Rolled Joints?

Pre rolled joints are cannabis buds that are already rolled up and ready to be smoked. This makes pre rolled joints in Canada one of the most popular items for its convenience. The main ingredient in prerolled joints that gets people high is THC   Pre rolled marijuana also comes in the form of a pre rolled blunt. The difference between a pre-rolled blunt and a pre-rolled joint is the rolling paper being used. A joint uses normal rolling papers, whereas a blunt uses a blunt wrap.   For a more detailed breakdown, you can check out our guide to all things cannabis


Cannabis Flower Types:

There are 3 main types of pre rolled marijuana that you can buy: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. Each of these cannabis strain types has their own unique set of traits. However, the characteristics and effects can often overlap between subspecies.  Cannabis Sativa Strains: Cannabis plants in this category generally grow taller and have large, fluffy and conical shaped flowers. Also, Sativa weed is typically for morning or afternoon use because they generally produce stimulating and uplifting sensations. Sativa marijuana plants normally take longer to flower and thrive more in warmer environments with longer summers. Cannabis Indica Strains: If it is the relaxation you want, then Indica weed is the way to go. Known as bedtime weed, Indica strains provide more of a couchlock feeling and induces feelings of relaxation and euphoria. Indica marijuana plants have shorter flowering periods and are ideal for growing in cooler climates with shorter summers.  Hybrid Weed Strains: This is what you get when you mix Sativa and Indica together. Normally hybrid weed possesses qualities of both Sativa and Indica strains. Many of these strains have been bred to perfection by some of the most gifted cannabis farmers in the world. For a more detailed breakdown of hybrid, sativa and indica weed strains, you can visit our sativa vs indica guide.  

Common Benefits of Pre Rolled Joints

The biggest advantage of pre rolled marijuana is the convenience of not having to waste time rolling ugly joints. Rolling weed is an art, and not everyone can roll a beautiful joint. In addition, it saves so much time not having to roll your weed before smoking it. Not to mention no more sticky fingers.    With pre-rolled joints, you can just light it up and enjoy the effects. So make sure to pick up some pre rolled blunts or pre rolled joints in canada the next time you make an order.   Below are some of the most common effects associated with weed use:
Relaxation Happiness Uplifted-ness
Focus Creativity Energy 
Euphoria Lethargy Sedation
Hunger Lethargy Giggles

Information for Medical Marijuana Patients

Medical marijuana patients enjoy pre rolled joints for a number of reasons. For example, people with arthritis in their hands can find it difficult to roll up a joint. Pre rolled cannabis can save a lot of trouble for individuals like this.  In addition, pre rolled joints save medical weed users a lot of time so that they can obtain relief for their conditions.  Below are some of the most common medical uses of marijuana:
Anxiety Depression Stress
Aches Pains Inflammation
Muscle Spasms Insomnia Lack of Appetite
Glaucoma Epilepsy Addictions
Fatigue Nausea Spasticity
Movement Disorders Autoimmune Issues Psychiatric Symptoms

Possible Side Effects

The good news about cannabis flower is that it’s hard to smoke too much to have any serious side effects. Besides, if you take too much weed the negative effects shouldn’t last long.  Below are some of the most common negative effects associated with weed use.
Dry Mouth Red Eyes Lethargy
Dizziness Paranoia Anxiousness
Headaches Nausea Vomiting
Chest Pain Rapid Heart Rate Memory Retention Issues
Coordination Issues Respiratory Irritation Increased Heart Rate
Low Blood Pressure Drowsiness Restlessness

How to Smoke a Joint

Smoking a joint is simple when it comes to pre-rolled blunts or joints. All that you need is a heating source in order to light the joint. Most people use a lighter for this task. Simply put the joint in your mouth and light it up. Next, slowly inhale so that the joint has a nice and even burn going. Then just inhale and enjoy. 

Alternative Products: 

Weed products come in all shapes and sizes, from high THC cannabis concentrates, to powerful weed edibles, to CBD products with no THC at all. Cannabis concentrates are potent forms of THC and are not for the faint of heart. The same goes for marijuana edibles that are known to induce intense highs.  There are even magic mushroom products for those looking for an out of this world psychedelic experience. These products contain psilocybin, the main ingredient that causes hallucinatory effects. Here are some of the most popular alternatives to regular marijuana buds: Cannabis Concentrates are products with high levels of THC and minimal plant matter. Basically, the beneficial compounds are separated from the unwanted plant material, leaving a purer and more potent product. Some of the most common weed concentrates include hash, shatter, budder, THC oil, live resin, THC distillate, and weed vapes. Weed Edibles are any cannabis products that you can eat. Many cannabis edibles are actually everyday food items that are infused with THC. Some of the most popular marijuana edibles in Canada include THC gummies, THC chocolate, weed cookies, THC capsules and THC tinctures. CBD Products are items that do not cause intoxication. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid that is found in cannabis. However, CBD does not attach to receptors in the brain and do not cause the intoxicating effects normally associated with THC use. Some of the most common cannabidiol products in Canada include CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD edibles, CBD vapes, and CBD gummies. Magic Mushrooms products are those that contain the hallucinatory drug psilocybin. These products are perfect for those looking for a much more intense experience. Some of the most sought after shroom products include dried shrooms, shroom chocolate, shroom gummies, shroom capsules, and shroom tea.

Online Weed Shop Purchase Information:

Come shop at JustCannabis, Canada’s best online weed dispensary, and take advantage of our daily deals and promotions. We offer a wide selection of some of the most sought after pre rolled blunts and pre rolled joints in Canada! Or come browse our catalogue of over 120 marijuana strains and be assured that we will have something for you! We carry premium Indica, Sativa, and hybrid weed, ounce specials, and even our own fire collection! So shop now at Just Cannabis, Canada’s marijuana store.
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