Why is Music Festivals More Fun with Cannabis?

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Why is Music Festivals More Fun with Cannabis?

There’s just something about cannabis that makes listening to music very pleasurable. The song’s melody becomes livelier, the harmony perfect, and the lyrics even more emotional. Cannabis enhances our musical experience that we feel like the song is literally pulsing with life.

This is probably why cannabis and music festivals always seem to go hand in hand. You can’t have a fantastic music festival and not see someone using cannabis. Even if it’s prohibited, people will find a find a way to sneak cannabis into music festivals.

But why does cannabis have this effect on music? If it’s already a mainstay at music festivals, what else can happen if it’s legal?

The Link between Cannabis and Music

Cannabis stimulates the brain’s pleasure and reward centers. Listening to and enjoying good music also stimulates these brain regions. But cannabis, unlike music, disrupts our short-term memory.

Dr. Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist, and musician wrote in his book, “The World in Six Songs,” that this disruption forces you to focus on the “now” of music. You may not be able to recall what has recently been played, nor can you anticipate what might be played. But cannabis’ effect on time perception makes you focus on music as it plays a note to note. In a sense, you “fixate” on the music as it plays.

Cannabis also relaxes you. The pleasant and soothing state makes you more receptive to the song you’re listening to. Coupled with cannabis’ effects on the brain’s reward and pleasure centers, it makes music even more pleasurable and rewarding.

The music didn’t change. Cannabis simply changed the way you perceive it.

Cannabis and Music Festivals

Music festivals are a lucrative industry, and cannabis brands know this. Even before cannabis legalization in Canada, cannabis brands were already eyeing sponsorship of live music festivals.

Likewise, some of the organizers of these music festivals are also keen on signing major sponsorship deals with these cannabis brands. In fact, several top players in the country’s cannabis industry have already sponsored concerts and music festivals, which drew the attention of the federal health department.

The country’s Cannabis Act clearly and strictly prohibits cannabis companies from advertising and promoting their products to minors who also attend these musical events. Having these cannabis companies prominently showed during music festivals exposes minors to their cannabis ads.

According to a research study, the more young people are exposed to these cannabis ads, the higher the likelihood that they’ll use cannabis. Cannabis has a detrimental effect on the adolescent brain. These cannabis ads are shaping the youth’s attitude toward cannabis, giving them a “positive view” on its use.

But despite these concerns and the warnings from the federal health department, a few cannabis brands have found a way to circumvent the cannabis laws. Some use “educational ads” that advocate responsible use of cannabis. Others have struck a deal with rock bands and singers. These celebrities can legally post about the cannabis brands in their social media accounts which can be seen by their followers, some of which are minors.

These issues must be addressed. Both the music and the cannabis industries must take a proactive stance. They have to find a way to be compliant with the law and, at the same time, protective of their customers’ interests.


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