Why FeelCBD Has A Product For Everyone


I get a lot of questions from people about all of the CBD products on the market and what they can help with. CBD has gained an unbelievable amount of popularity in the last few years due to the positive results people have seen from it. As research continues on cannabidiol; more and more studies have come out that address the entourage effect. Simply put, the entourage effect is a sort of synergistic relationship between various cannabinoids and the terpenes often found in the plant.

FeelCBD has taken it a step further by, not only using full-spectrum CBD oil (containing the natural terpenes found in cannabis) but also by adding essential oils to deliver a reliable and effective dose every time. The product is great for people who feel they’d like more out of their CBD experience and are looking to dial in the effects a bit more. 

Why Choose FeelCBD Vape Oil?

The controversy surrounding vaping this summer was almost a necessary wake up call for a lot of the industry. It made clear that cutting corners and trying to save money at the expense of quality, not only impacts sales, but seriously harms their customers. Previously, various unscrupulous manufacturers capitalized on the myth that thicker vape oil is better, and used vitamin E oil as a thickener to entice the public into buying their product. What most consumers did not know, however, is that vitamin E oil is not meant for inhalation. In fact, some studies show that inhaling vitamin E oil can damage the lungs and prevent them from absorbing oxygen. Inhaled vitamin E oil can also cause the fluid in the lungs to clump together and accumulate.

Vape oils that contain vitamin E do not benefit you. They only benefit their manufacturers since it is a lot cheaper than its legal and safer additives.

Trusted and reliable companies like FeelCBD do not need to cut corners and therefore their oils do not contain any vitamin E. They also don’t use additives like PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin), which, when degraded, can become precursors to formaldehyde. Instead, they use fractioned coconut oil in their vapes. This helps thin down the more viscous full-spectrum CBD oil. It also helps “carry” the cannabinoids into the body for faster absorption.

FeelCBD offers a variety of premium-grade CBD oils, so there’s bound to be one that will perfectly fit your needs, be it vape oil or tinctures. On top of that, you can always check their lab results, to be sure you know what you are getting. 


Can’t sleep? Then here are two FeelCBD products that can help you get a few zzz’s.

FeelCBD Disposable Pen – Sleep
In addition to full-spectrum CBD, this product also contains spearmint, eucalyptus, and chamomile. Both spearmint and eucalyptus are known to promote rest and relaxation by reducing stress and relaxing the muscles. Chamomile, on the other hand, promotes better sleep and also relaxes the mind and body. One disposable pen contains 250 of full-spectrum CBD.


FeelCBD Tincture – Sleep Drops
FeelCBD’s Sleep Drops contains not only full-spectrum CBD but also ylang-ylang, spearmint, and grapeseed oils. These essential oils relax the muscles, promote better sleep, and reduce stress and anxiety.



Stressed out? Then you’re definitely going to want to try FeelCBD’s Calm products.


FeelCBD Disposable Pen – Calm
If peace and calm had a scent, it would definitely smell like a mix of lavender, vanilla, and peppermint. This vape oil contains full-spectrum CBD combined with, you guessed it, essential oils of vanilla, peppermint, and lavender. These ingredients are known for their ability to reduce stress and anxiety. They also help calm nerves and reduce tension. This disposable vape pen has 250mg of CBD.


FeelCBD Natural Drops – Unflavored
If you’re not after additional flavors and scents, then you’ll love FeelCBD’s Unflavored Natural Drops. This product contains 250mg of hemp-derived, full-spectrum CBD suspended in fractionated coconut oil. No THC, PG, VG, or vitamin E. CBD naturally eases stress and anxiety, as well as improves sleep, so Natural really is the perfect name for this variety.



Can’t focus and need a little help to get things done? Then you’ll definitely benefit from this FeelCBD product.

FeelCBD Tincture – Focus Drops
One bottle of FeelCBD Focus Drop contains 300mg of full-spectrum CBD derived from hemp, giving you 10mg of CBD each full dropper. It also contains the essential oils of lemon and lime, giving it its refreshing flavor. These ingredients work together to make you more alert and focused. They also promote mental clarity as well.



Feeling a little low and not at your optimal health? This might be the perfect product for you!

FeelCBD Tincture – Revive Drops
This 30ml bottle of Revive Drops contains 300mg of hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD, giving you 10mg of essential CBD per one full dropper. Other ingredients include wild orange essential oil, bergamot essential oil, and grapeseed oil suspended in fractionated coconut oil. All these beneficial ingredients help make your immune system healthier, boost energy, and reduce fatigue.


Love makes the world go round, so why not celebrate it? FeelCBD’s Love product may just be cupids secret ingredient.

Feel CBD Disposable Pen – Love
A pen created with the sole purpose of igniting passion and desire. The combination of full-spectrum CBD oil, Cinnamon and Rose are designed to help you feel the love.

Final Thoughts

There may be a lot of vape oils to choose from, but there are only a few brands that you can trust like FeelCBD. Always check out the reputation of the manufacturer and know the ingredients they’re using before making a purchase.

FeelCBD’s pens and drops are some of the best CBD products, not only in Canada but in the world. Not only do they use safe and organic ingredients, but their selection of “flavors” means there’s always at least one choice to fit your moods.


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