Strain Spotlight – White Widow (Hybrid)

Initial Thoughts

I use to dream about going to Amsterdam, the same way children dream of Disneyland. When my younger brother turned 18 it seemed like the perfect time to make the trip. Our train was late arriving into the city, so we scrambled into a cab and asked him to take us to the nearest Coffeeshop, as they were all about to close. We ordered the only name we recognized on the list: White Widow. It’s a strain we had heard about in North America but never had the chance to try it until then. At that time you could still smoke spliffs in Coffeeshops so the only rolling papers they had were giant king-sized ones. My brother and I rolled an obscenely large joint and went to a corner of the Coffeeshop.

We proceeded to get more high than we had known possible. It got so intense we had to leave and go to our hostel to get some air. It was only the beginning of a weed tasting that lasted a week but felt like a year. By the end, my brother somehow ended up with mononucleosis. My parents blamed me and to this day say I “broke” my brother for a couple of months on our trip to Amsterdam. I wear that title with pride. However, I can’t take all of the credit. White Widow was our go-to strain throughout the entire trip.

One of the many Amsterdam Coffee Shop menus offering White Widow.

Always reliable in its mind-melting potency, we knew we could stay happily stoned, while not passing out, with a good hybrid like White Widow.


The smell of White Widow is a classic Dutch Coffeeshop hybrid aroma. Hints of hash and ammonia permeate from the buds.

Often the smell does not translate to the taste with White Widow, as the taste can be a bit underwhelming. Our current batch, however, manages to translate the taste almost perfectly, making it, surprisingly, one of the more delicious strains we have right now.

“You ever, like, spin a web… just because you can, man?”


The buds are CAKED in frost. White Widow has long been celebrated for its staggeringly high amount of resin and trichomes produced, making it awesome for extracts and concentrates. The light green leaves are barely visible through all the crystals covering the buds. Tons of bag appeal on this one. The genetics are up for debate, at least regarding the specifics. Conesus is that the breeder, legendary Dutch seed company Greenhouse Seeds, who we’ve discussed numerous times before, used a landrace South Indian indica and a Brazilian landrace as well. The controversy lies in whether or not it was an indica or sativa Brazilian Land Race. The mind-bending effects would suggest to me its likely bred with at least one Sativa.


As I explained at the beginning, for the uninitiated, White Widow can be easy to underestimate resulting in really powerful highs. Be aware of the high THC percentage and know that it can sometimes a little while to get going.

Since my first experience with it, I’ve always enjoyed my time with White Widow. Whenever I see it available, I smoke it and remember the good times with my brother (while also internalizing the deep-seated guilt for my brother having had to sleep through that entire summer.) Both strong and reliable, I recommend it to anybody looking for a potent hybrid that can help expand your mind as you physically unwind.

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