The Definitive Cannabis Gift and Holiday Survival Guide


However you feel about the holiday season, nobody enjoys the shopping that comes with it. Giving a gift is supposed to be a sign of love and appreciation for the recipient but the holiday’s have made it more like a requirement, something expected of us. After a certain point it becomes less about finding the perfect gift and more about getting out of the shopping mayhem in one piece. 

The chaos does not stop there either! While the holidays are intended to be… well… holidays, they can often leave us feeling exhausted and spent, pretty much the opposite of how you’re supposed to feel after a holiday. 

We are here to make all of that easier. From gift shopping to essential self-care and relaxation, we’ve got you covered!

Why brace the crazy lines, massive crowds and marked up prices when you can find everything you need at an amazing price here at Just Cannabis.

If you’ve been struggling to put into words that you want your aunt Cathy to buy you weed when she asks ‘what you want from Santa’, maybe one of these links will help narrow it down!

First, let’s look at some self-care gifts.

These products are perfect for a loved one that could use a little decompression and pampering or to help you relax and stay calm through the upcoming weeks. 

You can arrange a special bath and body basket of the finest CBD products and tie a pretty festive ribbon around it. Not only do these products smell great, but they also have tons of health benefits.

Here are a few things you can include in your gift basket:

  • Nectar CBD-Infused Facial Serum – This facial serum has powerful cell-regenerating, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce wrinkles and age spots. Made with 100% organic ingredients, this can be used for all skin types.nectar-cbd-infused-facial-serum
  • Vida Massage Oil by Mota – You have three rejuvenating and refreshing aromas to choose from, the ingredients of which are known to reduce anxiety and promote vida massage oils online in canada
  • Vida Tinted Lip Budders – The cold season can be pretty brutal on you and your loved one’s lips, so get the right protection with these delicious tints. It protects against dryness and chafing, as well as hydrates and softens the lips.Buy Visa Tinted Lip Budders Online Canada two
  • Purebud (Releaf) – CBD Hemp Oil Soap – Comes in both a delicious lavender and vanilla options. Take your shower game to the next level with these amazing smelling CBD
  • MJ Creams Calm and Heat – A long warm bath in CBD bath bombs cam relax the whole body. But for painful muscles and joints, these creams can help her a great mj creams heat online canada

Edible Options

  • Temple Tea – We have a flavour for everyone, making this tea the ideal relaxation tool on a cold winter night. Perfect stocking stuffer!buy temple tea moroccan mint canada online dispensary
  • Yoni Tea – Made with THC and CBD, this tea is specifically formulated to help with menstrual pains and cramps. A perfect gift to treat yourself or your partner.
    buy yoni relax tea online canada 
  • Mota Canna Cocoa 150mg THC – What winter night is complete without a cup of delicious hot chocolate? People have been adding whiskey to their hot cocoa for a long time, but why not make take the healthier, more potent option and try it with THC. You and your loved ones will find themselves melting into a pile of blankets watching the storm rage mota cannacocoa online canada
  • Mota THC Honey – Take your morning tea to the next level with some medicated honey. Both delicious and soothing on the throat, THC honey is a great gift for any tea lover!buy mota THC honey online canada

Vape Options

  • Feel CBD Tinctures and Vape Pens – Feel CBD products are specifically designed to assist in whatever part of your day you need help with. Whether you’re after something to help sleep, uplift, calm or focus, Feel CBD is an amazing gift for yourself or a loved one.buy_weed_online_just_cannabis_feel_cbd_mixfeelcbd-tincture-300mg

Lets now take a look at some products that make perfect gifts

These treats can help light up the holiday celebrations!

  • Flower Bouquet – Nope, this isn’t your usual flower bouquet, but a bouquet made with you or your loved one’s favorite cannabis strains.Is your partner a piney kush lover? Why not some Pink Death Star, Death Bubba, and Tom Ford?buy tom ford strain online canadaDo they prefer fruity tropical buds? Why not some Strawberry Cough, LSD, and Moby Dick?



    Don’t remove them from their original packaging though to preserve their quality. Instead, dress the packaging up in pretty ribbons and some colorful flowers. You can even use some pre-rolls as an accent for the bouquet.


  • Cannabis Extracts – There are many types of cannabis concentrates to choose from – hash, shatter, tinctures, live resin, live sauce, live diamonds, etc. These all make awesome gifts as they’re the perfect treat for any cannabis user! Often people don’t have it in their budget to treat themselves to something nicer like shatter or hash. Now is your opportunity to treat your loved one or even yourself!in-house-live-resin-pineapple-express
  • Cannabis Accessories – Cannabis buds, concentrates, and extracts can be enjoyed best when he has quality accessories. So be sure to include the accessories you know he’ll love. Does your loved one enjoy the ritual of rolling a joint? Then give them the unique Shine Gold Rolling Papers. Or do they prefer the ease of using concentrate vaporizers?
    Buy Shine Woven Blunt Online Canada
  • Cannabis Edibles – For that person on your list with a sweet tooth, or even to cater your party with, we’ve got edibles for everyone! Try adding gummies, jelly bombs, sour candies, wigglers, and cara-melts to your partners stocking. Spice up your holiday party with Mota Santas Oreo’s and Mota Gingerbread Person.Buy Mota Santas Oreos Online Canada open
  • CBD – Everyday people are discovering the different ways CBD can help them. Help your loved one get off to a good start in 2020 with some calming CBD caps

More Than Just the Gifts

Cannabis-themed gift baskets are fun and enjoyable, especially since there are so many cannabis products and accessories to add to your gift basket. There are also countless ways of dressing your gift baskets up in pretty flowers, wrappers, balloons, and ribbons. The best thing about gift baskets, too, is that you can even share the contents with each other.

The holiday’s can be extremely stressful and for some, its a time of reflection and/or mourning, rather than celebration. Be sensitive to that and those who wish to spend their time differently. Look out for your friend who is quieter than usual or you know struggles during this time because of loss or past trauma. This time of year can be so lonely and isolating but if you are surrounded with love it makes it far easier for those who have a harder time.

Ultimately, the best gift you can give is your companionship. Being there for your loved ones is so valuable and can be forgotten during the busier times of the year. Spend time with your friends and family, and maybe share a joint or some THC cotton candy while your at it! 

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