Strain Spotlight – Pineapple Express (Hybrid)

Initial Thoughts

Many people know of Pineapple Express from the very popular Seth Rogan film by the same name. Most, like myself, assumed it was a made-up strain. It turns out, there is actually a lot of controversy over its actual origins. Some, like the writer, star and producer behind the film Seth Rogen, claim there was no Pineapple Express before the film. Others claim to have been smoking the strain for years in the Netherlands. I’ve read some claims that Barney’s Farm, a very popular chain of dispensaries and grow houses in Amsterdam, created the strain. UK cannabis breeder G13 also claims to have created the original Pineapple Express.

Where there is consensus is the genetics of the strain. By crossing the popular sativa dominant Trainwreck with the ever-popular Hawaiian, the original breeders, whoever they are, created one of the most sought after strains in existence. Since the film, the strain has popped up everywhere. But is it worth the hype?



It’s no great mystery why the strain got its namesake. Though in the film they claim it’s because of a meteorological phenomenon that makes ideal growing conditions, you can’t help but imagine the actual reason was a bit simpler. Pineapple Express is often one of those unmistakable flowers. When a new batch arrives at JC, I can smell it long before I ever see it. In the film the two main characters geek out over the smell of the weed in the famous cross-joint scene, and they are actually pretty spot on. It’s a truly remarkable smelling strain that immediately says Pineapple.

The taste translates amazingly well. A real sweet smoke that expands in your lungs. The buds have a gassiness typically reserved for louder indicas in my experience. A real treat that honestly surprised me.


Since the film came out I feel like I have seen Pineapple Express at least once a month. In the early days, it did not look very appealing, however in the ensuing years, as growers have mastered the genetics; more and more appealing Pineapple Express batches have started popping up.

Please do not get bugs high in real life. They do not know whats going on.

While Pineapple Express may not always look amazing, it is more a case of what lies beneath. It’s darker leaves can be deceptive. In my experience, you can get some really resinous Pineapple Express buds, making them super potent, despite the fact they are not covered in frost like some other strains.


Like so many other people after the film came out, I was very excited to finally try the strain for the first time. When I got my hands on it in 2009 I was somewhat disappointed. However, over the years, North American growers have become more accustomed to the genetics and have started putting out some incredible fire versions of Pineapple Express.

I felt the high right away in my face, and it slowly worked its way down my body. For a strain with mostly sativa genetics, it manages to offer some really pleasant indica qualities as well. I started the day with this strain and was taken aback by how potent it was. The unique fruity terpenes offer an even more intense effect. Perfect for any time of day, but would do best in the mornings. I felt almost no burn-out and my munchies were actually pretty subdued.

My face after I finish a Pineapple Express joint.

The strain is the best it’s ever been now. While it may have been highly overhyped by the film and in the time immediately after, Pineapple Express has come to deserve its stellar reputation.

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