Strain Spotlight – Monster Cookies (Hybrid)

Initial Thoughts

Call me jaded, but when I see a new strain with a crazy name; I sometimes wonder if they are compensating for something? I know that analyzing the process that goes into naming strains is a fool’s errand. A lot of the time it has to do with the genetics that went into it or qualities of the strain. Sometimes it’s an inside joke with the grower. And sometimes, it’s nothing more than marketing. The way there are hundreds of strains out there with the name Skunk, Kush or Haze that have ZERO of the actual genetics in them. When I saw Monster Cookies come in, I was worried it would be another case of a breeder trying to hype up a sub-standard flower.

Until I am informed otherwise, I have every reason to believe this is who bred this strain.

However, when I opened the bag I was blown away. True Girl Scout Cookies genetics crossed with authentic Grand Daddy Purple to create a truly incredible strain.


As soon as you get a whiff of Monster Cookies you can immediately pick up on its GSC genetics. Having been crossed with Granddaddy Purp adds a delicious fruity scent as well. I get serious grape bubble gum vibes as well, as it carries a very sweet nose. I would not blame you for confusing this with a bag of candy based on smell alone.

Smoking it really brings out the bubble gum flavour. It is one of the nicer tasting strains I’ve had in a while, and for me, the taste is one of the most important factors. Really delicious out of the bong and in a joint. I’ve tried mixing it with a few gassy indicas like Blue Fin Tuna and Pink Deathstar and the pine-like terpenes mix incredibly well with the sweet notes of the Monster Cookies. Perfect for a sweet treat after a meal, or mixed with a sativa in the morning.


The bag appeal of Monster Cookies is incredibly strong. Some of the nicest looking bud I’ve seen in a while. Very dense and cured perfectly.

The colour is a mixture of dark purple and olive green leaves, all covered in a thick layer of trichomes. The buds are medium to smaller sized but gorgeous. I could just stare at this bud for hours. Sort of like a starry night’s sky…



I was prepared for this strain to hit hard with it’s indica effects but I found it well-balanced actually. It is most definitely an indica, don’t get me wrong! But some of GSC sativa genetics help make this more of a hybrid. You can feel this one in your body first as it makes it way to your head. Feels like your body is floating in the water and a permanent smile is hard to shake.

If you’re looking for a sleepy strain, I would recommend mixing this with a resinous indica. Alternatively, if you’re looking to start the day with it; Monster Cookies is really nice with a sativa as well. Something like a Durban Poison or Blue Mountain Durban. A strain for any and all occasions really.

I recommend this strain for those looking for a nice balanced indica dominant hybrid. As I said, the taste is amazing, and this strain hits hard. The beautiful buds and stellar high makes this one of my new favourites.

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