Strain Spotlight – Moby Dick (Sativa)

I’ve never read Moby Dick if we’re being completely honest. I know it’s about a whale. Or am pretty sure, at least. There’s someone named Ishmael. And a Captain Ahab. That’s pretty much all I’ve got. Thankfully I’m not doing a book report!

That said, if I was doing a book report, there’d be no better Sativa to help me get the energy needed than Moby Dick.

Created overseas by Dinafem seeds, the demand for the strain has been increasing at a rapid rate ever since. By crossing a White Widow pheno with the Sativa powerhouse Haze, they created the incredibly popular Moby Dick.

Popular both with medical and recreational users alike, this Sativa has all the classic Sativa elements while offering some unique traits of its own, making it perfect for daytime use.

Bruh that whale looks very stoned.


Moby Dick is the perfect example when discussing the typical citrusy zest found in a lot of Sativa’s. When you smell it again; it reveals subtle herb-like notes, similar to a tea.

The taste is almost EXACTLY like the smell. A delicious and refreshing lemon herbal tea. The only time I could imagine this not tasting great is right after brushing your teeth, as I can only assume it’s like drinking a glass of orange juice post brush. AKA how to ruin a perfectly good glass of orange juice.

A delicious strain to start the day or for an after-lunch-pick-me-up!


Moby Dick buds are big, chunky and beautiful. I have yet to see a batch of Moby Dick that is not incredibly dense. Covered in light green leaves, thick trichomes, and bright orange hairs here and there. The bag appeal is strong with this one.


Celebrated for its energizing effects, Moby Dick is a classic Sativa, thanks in large part to its Haze genetics. Anxiety and Sativa’s used to go hand in hand, however, an increasing number of Sativa’s available today manage to negate the anxiety-inducing effects. Moby Dick gives you a clear-headed, soaring high, without the increased heart rate or anxiety that is often expected with other Haze genetics. That is if used in moderation, of course. Everyone reacts differently and you may be more sensitive to the anxiety-inducing properties than others. That said, Moby Dick is often celebrated for its use in actually treating anxiety and depression.

Is it possible to be too good at photoshop?

Quite a bit more psychedelic than a lot of other strains on account of its high tetrahydrocannabivarin count as explained by Wiki Leaf. 

A great strain for appetite stimulation, you’ll be munching for hours. Not ideal for before bed as it can get your mind racing a bit. Perfect day time strain or for sharing with friends.

Final Thoughts

Moby Dick is a great strain for everyone, not just Sativa’s fanatics. I’m not sure if the namesake has to do with the fact that the nugs are whale-like in size but that you’ll be hard-pressed to find other Sativa’s available on the market that delivers such huge and dense buds.

Great for appetite and mood stimulation making it an ideal choice for daytime use. If you have not had a chance yet I definitely recommend trying out Moby Dick!

If you’re already a fan, or just can’t wait to try those incredible terpenes than look no further than our In-House Moby Dick Live Sauce! An incredibly delicious and potent extract that is perfect for dabbing, adding to rolling papers or vapourizing!

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