Strain Spotlight – Mimosa (Hybrid)

Initial Thoughts

I used to bartend when I was in college. I absolutely dreaded making the majority of breakfast cocktails. It may have been the fact that I was required to use my brain before noon but I always found the task so arduous. The one drink, however, that I didn’t mind making, and even actually enjoyed, was a Mimosa. Looking back on it, it was probably the simplicity of the drink, but I always thought it looked so refreshing. Something about the tanginess of the orange juice and how the flavours were almost activated even more by the bubbles in the champagne.

When I saw there was a cannabis strain by the same name I was skeptical. I had tried weed strains named after other foods before and it never tasted how it was supposed to. When I finally got my hands on the bud I was blown away. Not just by the amazing smell, but how sticky and dense the buds were. A seriously sativa leaning hybrid bred from Clementine and Purple Punch, I was even more impressed by the high. The perfect sativa dominant bud to get your day going.

If you’re gonna start you’re morning with a mimosa, make it this one!


The smell and taste are EXACTLY as the name suggests. Some strain names you can tell were made up with no real context or relevance to the actual qualities of the bud. This is not the case for this strain. It’s also one of the best strains I’ve found at maintaining its taste once lit. The orangey terps were consistent the whole way through.

Pure orange on the inhale and champagne on the exhale. I honestly don’t know how they managed to capture the champagne taste but its there!

A real treat for a morning session or after lunch walk.


The buds are dense with a healthy amount of crystals. One of those hybrids that really sticks together like a resinous indica but with more balanced effects.

The colour is a beautiful shade of light green and covered in light orange hairs. Depending on the batch some types are darker than others. Not the most remarkable looking flower by sight but the smell and high are certainly deserving of praise.


For me, this is what hybrids should be all about. I find that some hybrids lack a…loudness, for lack of a better word. They are often some of the more beautiful flowers but in terms of effects, I usually prefer a purer indica or sativa. However, when strains like Mimosa come into the picture it forces me to reconsider my entire approach to hybrids. Incredible citrus terpenes and a soaring high. I smoked this twice during the day and each time felt recharged and motivated. A great tool for helping you get an energetic start to your day.

This meme looks as old as the internet but the message stands true.

The weekend is almost here and that means brunch time. Be the hero of your group and bring the mimosa this time. It’s a bud worth celebrating.

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