Strain Spotlight – Green Crack (Sativa)

Sometimes there are names of cannabis that give you pause and wonder why anyone would name their beloved plant such a thing. I’m looking at you Alaskan Thunder Fuck… When I first saw Green Crack on a menu years ago I was a bit put off by the name. I mean, I was looking to get high, not…smoke crack. However, I am happy to report, that there is nothing unnatural or speedy about Green Crack. It turns out, that in fact, there is no crack involved.

If all reports are correct it would appear Snoop Dogg himself bestowed the charming name on the previously labeled Cush. While there is some debate over the exact genetics, it looks like it came from Georgia (the state, not the country (though cannabis is actually legal in the country… next weed vacation? Maybe not…)) Bred with Skunk #1, a popular Hybrid in the 1970s and an Afghani landrace Indica, the strain has only grown in popularity with time.


The Skunk #1 genetics are present in both taste and smell. You’re met with strong and gassy yet uniquely Sativa-y dankness when you open the bag. It smells incredibly fresh and a proper cure only brings out the amazing terpenes more. The kind of bud that reeks even if you just have a joint of it in your pocket.

The beautiful Skunk #1 parent.

The taste has a sharp skunkiness too it, with a sort of dough like aftertaste. Something I’ve found quite common in strains from the Southern US. A really refreshing strain after a meal or to start the day right.


I’ve seen all different types of Green Crack buds. Most are not especially large, but more small and rotund, while still being nice and dense. The batch’s we get most often in Canada have purple in them due to the colder growing environment. Usually covered in orange hairs and a healthy layer of crystals. A really gorgeous bud!



A great daytime strain for people that are a bit wary of the energetics effects that are typical with Sativa’s. Skunk #1 offers the classic euphoric Sativa effects but the Afghani landrace really helps eliminate anxiety and keep you chilled out. It’s actually commonly used to treat anxiety as well as nausea and loss of appetite. Great bud if you’re looking to get a bit of work done but want to feel nice and medicated.

Final Thoughts

I’m not sure if weed names will ever become more traditional. I’m not even sure what traditional means, or if I even want them to stop with the silly names. It’s part of the charm at this point. Green Crack, despite its name, is a chill Sativa that will help put some pep in your step without making your heart skip a beat.

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