Strain Spotlight – Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid)


Nobody likes unexpected visitors at their door, right? Especially if they are trying to sell something. I often do my best to pretend I’m not home by hiding, like an idiot, behind a wall, as if they can somehow see through my front door. I don’t care though. I’ll hide all night. I’ll go to bed at 6:00 PM just to avoid interaction with strangers, just try me. That is; unless the person is selling Girl Scout Cookies.

They are no strangers. They are the bearers of sugary gifts. Like the three wise men, but… not. I have crossed four lanes of busy traffic to buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies before, as if the cookies would evaporate if I didn’t get there in time. Do I regret risking my life? Not for cookies, no. Never. Girl Scout Cookies aren’t just any cookies by the way. Through the power of what I can only assume is some sort of dark magic and satanic rituals, they have created some of the best cookies on earth.

When the Cookie Fam, a now worldwide recognized collective of cannabis breeders from California decided to bestow the Girl Scout Cookies name to their newest strain; they took on a lot of responsibility. Not just any rinky-dink flower would do. The name carries massive expectations and to the relief and joy of the cannabis community as a whole, the Cookie Fam delivered. By crossing two beloved strains, the heavy-hitting OG Kush with the electrifying Durban Poison, the created a delicious and potent hybrid to satisfy the needs of Indica and Sativa lovers alike.


The smell of the buds is amazing and pretty unique. When you work with different strains every day, it takes something special to pique your nose. GSC always grabs my attention. A sweet and almost, dare I say, cheesy nose lingers over the buds. Some strains have that ability to make your mouth water when just smelling them and Girl Scout Cookies certainly is one of them. Perfect for after a meal, the strain is a sweet palate cleanser that lingers in your mouth after the exhale. One of those sweet, yet not exactly fruity strains. More like brown sugar. Tastes amazing both in a joint, bong and when vaporized. I can only imagine cookies baked with it would taste unreal, but you might also create some sort of black hole by putting Cookies in cookies so maybe just play it safe…


The buds are plump and beautiful to behold. Once you come back to earth after the initial smell takes you to the clouds, you’ll notice the unique shades of green and orange hairs. Both small and large nugs, there is no standard Girl Scout Cookies bud. A lot depends on the grower/ growing conditions.


Many people may try and tell you that cookies are a dessert and therefore you can only eat them at night, but I just ate a pack of cookies for breakfast and it’s not even 10:00 AM, so who looks stupid now? The same goes for the strain. While it does tend to lean more towards the Indica side of its genetics, it can be enjoyed in moderation throughout the day. After dinner; let loose! The wave of euphoria is coupled with a really manageable body high that settles you into your couch nicely. Perfect for those seeking relief from muscle or joint pain, as well as anyone seeking a strain to help them sleep better. Girl Scout Cookies traditionally is very high in THC so take it slow when first getting to know the strain.

Final Thoughts

Girl Scout Cookies is one of those strains that I feel the need to check out whenever I see it’s available. The chance to taste a genuine Cookies Fam strain in Canada can be rare, and as the one that put them on the map, it’s definitely one to try. The strain is the oldest sibling in a family of similar genetics like Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Thin Mint Cookies, both really nice flowers and amazing variations on Girl Scout Cookies’ original genetics. If you want a reliable Hybrid, that can chill you out while also giving you a lift in spirits, try Girl Scout Cookies when you get a chance! 


Cookie Monster knows whats up.

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