The Perplexity of Pre-Rolls


Bleak Beginnings

When I first started smoking cannabis my friends and I would dream of a day you could buy a pack of joints from the store the same way you’d buy a six-pack of beer. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of a pre-roll? Sure, for some, the ritual of rolling is one of their favourite parts, but for many, rolling is seen as nothing more than a prerequisite to getting high. I know both lifelong pot smokers and new users who prefer to have a joint pre-rolled for them.

Rolling technology has advanced over the years. There are machines that fill pre-formed cones to create dozens of joints at a time. I recently had to quell a friend’s concern that there were people in a warehouse personally rolling and licking every pre-roll that went out. Rest assured, pre-rolls these days do not contain saliva.

When dispensaries first started selling pre-rolls years ago, I was overjoyed! Finally, I could buy pre-rolled joints that I could light up at any time, without having to stop and find a surface to roll one. I was so happy when I bought my first pre-roll, I remember smiling as I walked out of the store.

The Harsh Reality of Pre-Rolls

But then I smoked it. Never before had I tasted such… nothing. There were no terpenes. It barely even tasted like weed. It reminded me of the time I tried to smoke trimmings from an abandoned grow I found in the forest when I was a teenager. I brought the joint home, opened it up and discovered that it was made almost entirely of bottoms. No real buds, no trichomes to be found anywhere. I was disappointed, but chalked it up to a bad dispensary and moved on.

Only it wasn’t just that one dispensary. It seemed like every pre-roll I bought was made up of poor quality and leafy bottom-of-the-bag scraps. When I got the chance to work at a now out-of-business large dispensary years ago my concerns were confirmed as I saw the flower being put into pre-rolls was in fact bottoms. This trend was not exclusive to Canada either. When I bought pre-rolls both in Washington State and several cities in California, they were all made with sub-par flower. How could people be getting away with this?

bad weed
Poor quality weed is often used by dispensaries for pre-rolls.

It was enough to make me give up on the idea of pre-rolls altogether. If people weren’t going to put decent flower in their pre-rolls then why should I bother smoking them?

The Future of Pre-Rolls

I was stuck in this mindset until very recently. I have since been converted and am a strong believer in the glory of pre-rolls once again!

The pre-rolls we offer at Just Cannabis are some of the best joints I’ve smoked. They taste incredible, are potent and use ACTUAL flower.

Supremium Pre Rolls

We are so stoked to carry these pre-roll packs! These strain-specific joints are all rolled to perfection with .5 grams of weed in each one. Supremium selects the best flowers, not bottoms or old flower stock. As they explain, they use “Only high quality, BC Bud that is sourced meticulously to fill our cones.” A pack comes with 6 joints so it’s a great value too. Rarely, if ever, will you find a company with such an awesome range of strains such as:

Black Tuna (Indica)

Blueberry (Indica)

Bubba Kush (Indica)

Chocolate Thai (Sativa)

Death Bubba (Indica)

Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid)

Gods Green Crack (Hybrid)

Gorilla Glue (Hybrid)

Hawaiian Cookies (Hybrid)

Jack Herer (Sativa)

Melon-Punch (Sativa)

Pineapple Express (Hybrid)

Strawberry Cough (Sativa)

Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)

Black Diamond (Indica)

Moby Dick (Sativa)

Red Congolese (Sativa)

Sour Diesel (Sativa)

Super Silver Haze (Sativa)

UK Cheese (Hybrid)

For those that prefer individual joints, we’ve got you covered as well with our Indica, Hybrid and Sativa single pre-rolls! We source our pre-roll from Supremium as well, to ensure we have only the best, high quality, strain-specific flowers in our joints. For example, our current Sativas are made with Lemon Haze. Our Hybrids are a selection of OG Kush joints and Gelato joints. Our Indicas either Death Bubba joints or Purple Kush joints.



This is what what pre-rolls should all be about. Reliable, tasty, potent joints, made with high-quality flower, the way any joint should be. Supremium recognized that just because the customer cannot always see the flower in the joint does not mean it should not still be made with high-quality bud. Treat yourself or a loved one this holiday to a pack of Supremium pre-rolls or a nice individual joint and enjoy both the convenience and the amazing quality that the best pre-rolls deserve.

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