Not Sure What To Get Your Loved One For Valentine’s Day? We’ve Got You Covered!

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When I was 13 I was deadset on having a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t care who. I had somehow convinced myself that I COULD NOT be single for the holiday. Why? I don’t know. I blame Hollywood. Whatever the reason; I let it stress me out for weeks. I asked every girl I knew if they wanted to be my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.

Was I successful? Nope.

Turns out trying too hard is not attractive? I don’t know.

Since then, Valentine’s Day has always been stressful. I could not have anticipated that the anxiety I felt from being single would transform into even greater anxiety once I had a partner. The stress of not knowing what gift to give, how much to spend, if you’re even exchanging gifts in the first place. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has spent hours walking around trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one.

Some people prefer more practical gifts. One’s they can use in their day to day lives. Other’s prefer the finer things. They appreciate value and high quality. And then there are people who don’t know what they want. Wherever you or your loved one falls on the spectrum; we’ve created the perfect gift bundles for this year’s Valentine’s Day.




The Valentine’s Day Yellow Package – $70

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Mota Toffee Chocolate Bar ($25.20)
Mota Milk Chocolate and cannabis make a dynamic duo worth indulging in. Divided into 6 squares, these medicated chocolate bars are convenient because of their easy dose nature. Ranging in both potency and flavour, these allow for flexible methods of medicating.


Boost THC Multi-Pack 150mg ($22.50)
Boost Edibles – THC Multi-Pack (150mg) are the tastiest, juiciest, naturally flavoured gummies around and are made with care, as well as with the best ingredients; to deliver an excellent, consistent dosage in every bite.


FeelCBD Disposable Pen ($65.00)
FeelCBD Disposable Pen is made by the Vancouver based company, they bring together the rich benefits of CBD oil that is derived from the hemp plant, therefore, the oil is full-spectrum extracted using CO2 oil system.





The Valentine’s Day Pink Package – $150

buy weed online canada bundle150c

Delush Body Butter Orange Dreamsicle ($36.00)
Made with awesome ingredients and the fresh scent of sweet vanilla and citrus, the nutrient-dense formula is perfect for those with sensitive skin, while also aiding to diminish stretch marks and changes caused by skin-aging.


Delush – CBD Sweet Heart Bath Bomb Blueberry Yum Yum ($15.00)
Whether you are simply looking to indulge, or looking to soak your aches and pains away, these Sweet Heart Bath Bombs will make you whole-heartedly fall in love with CBD. Exploding with the healing powers of hemp, they are great for anti-aging, inflammation, anxiety relief, dry skin, and clogged pores.


Delush – CBD Full Spectrum Vape Disposable Pen ($55.00)
This unique ceramic-coil vape pen is durable without sacrificing style, making your experience both carefree and aesthetically pleasing. Designed to deliver relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, insomnia, and as an aid for restful sleep; this pen helps put your mind and body at ease, promoting balance and harmony.


Boost Edibles – Sour Watermelon THC 150mg ($22.50)
Boost gummies are the tastiest, juiciest, naturally flavoured gummies that are made with care and with the best ingredients to deliver an excellent, consistent dosage in every bite.


Moonrock Canada Pre-Roll ($25.00)
Moonrock Canada Pre-Roll is made by taking a premium OG Bud strain and dipping it in honey oil, and, powdered with kief. It contains natural flavouring, that you can easily taste and recognize because of its mouth-watering taste and aromas.


Mary’s Edibles – CBD Dark Chocolate Bar 200mg CBD ($25.20)
If you like dark chocolate, this is a great choice for getting a healthy dose of CBD each day. This bar is made with top shelf premium chocolate and the finest ingredients, giving you the smoothest and creamiest experience with every bite.


Mota Strawberry Lollipop ($13.50)
Perfect for the sweet tooth on the go.





The Valentine’s Day Blue Package – $200

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Nectar Sex Lube ($50.00)
This cannabis-infused intimate lubricant is designed to enhance arousal and sexual pleasure. Nectar Sex Lube can greatly increase the orgasmic potential and sexual response


King Cobra Antivenin 1:1 Tincture Mint ($80.00)
This 1000mg Tincture combines the power of two of the most powerful cannabis compounds, using CBD and THC to provide relief from pain, stress, inflammation, insomnia, depression and anxiety.


Vida Massage oil ($25.00)
A soothing blend of grapeseed, sweet almond and avocado oil absorb easily into the skin to deliver the healing properties of cannabis quickly to sore muscles and joints. This product is excellent for those who have muscle inflammation, muscle stiffness and body pain.


Boost CBD Dark Chocolate 240mg ($36.00)
Whether it’s for that late afternoon meeting or an exhausting workout, there’s nothing a piece of Boost Chocolate won’t make easier.


Mota Chocolate Lover’s Brownie ($25.20)
The Chocolate Lover’s Brownie is a great option for those who have sleepless nights or deal with chronic pain. Chocolate and fats within the brownie bind with the THC, activating it to its fullest potential.


Mota THC Cotton Candy 200 mg ($24.30)
This Cotton Candy is infused with 180 mg THC, to give those sweet lovers that extra kick. The effects are strong as the THC binds with the sugar to enhance the psychoactive effects and medicinal benefits.


Flyte (KEYY) Pen Kit – Sour Diesel ($70.00)
The portable and discreet Flyte Vape Pen combines benefits with quality which provides relief. Also, Each pen has near about 100 puffs depending on the length of your inhale.


We hope this list helps make your Valentine’s Day shopping less about stress, and more about what’s important: spending time with your significant other.

Don’t put to much pressure on yourself though. Remember the best gift you can give is your love and that is free, thankfully!

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