Halloweed – Last Minute Ideas for a Cannabis Themed Halloween

Halloween is only a couple of days away now. If you’re looking for some last minute idea’s on how to spice up your celebrations, we have a few tips!

Growing up, Halloween was one of those holidays that my friends and I would spend weeks getting excited for, and then it would come and we’d almost always be let down. I blame Hollywood for setting unrealistic expectations about how crazy Halloween could be when in reality, it was just another rainy cold October weeknight. No zombie uprisings, no cheerleaders in need of rescue, not even a mild exorcism required. What’s a guy gotta do to perform a freakin exorcism these days?!

Now that I am an adult, at least according to the government, Halloween has taken on a new and more fulfilling meeting, with the night being an opportunity to watch horror movies, dress up with friends and give out (non-medicated!) candy to kids. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get in the Halloween mood now and let’s start preparing for your Halloweed! 

Smoke Weed and Watch Scary Movies

Halloween spent with friends will never be complete without watching a few scary movies. And why not? A spooky night sent watching spooky movies with friends gets your adrenaline going. It’s a risk-free thrill that you can easily get out of. Cannabis can open up the conversation around theories about the plot. It can also help make the scary bets a little less scary.

If you’re easily frightened by horror movies, then cannabis can help you deal with the jump scares. You’d find yourself laughing at the characters’ stupid decisions or giggling at the way Chucky awkwardly lunges after his victim. Seriously, how nobody just picked up that doll and chucked his stupid little body into the ocean, I’ll never understand.

People react differently to cannabis. While some find that cannabis tickles their funny bone while watching horror movies, there are also those who experienced increased paranoia and anxiety. This is obviously not ideal for everyone having a good time so be aware of your audience. 

If you’re going to watch scary movies while high, then choose the strain wisely. The following strains can help you relax and take the edge off of your anxiety and stress. They also have a potent uplifting effect that can leave you giggling all throughout the scary parts:

Love Potion
With a unique bud structure that stretches towards the ceiling, Love Potion sticks out, not only because of its appearance but its potent high that can induce the giggles in even your most stoic Eyeore-like friend. All groups have at least one. Love Potion is a must-try for Sativa aficionados.

White Widow
A cross between a Brazilian Sativa landrace and a resin-heavy South Indian Indica, White Widow is one of the most popular strains in Amsterdam. Since then its seeds have been spread around the world, thanks in large part to the world-famous Green House Seeds who we’ve discussed in several past blogs. This strain is certain to lighten up any social gathering.

Perfect Edibles for Your Weed-Themed Halloween

Of course, Halloweed will never be complete without the perfect edibles. You can buy a box of brownie mix from your local grocery store and simply add a few drops of your favorite cannabis extract before baking it. You can even dress your brownies up in Halloween-themed designs like spider webs, skulls, graveyards, ghosts, etc..

If you’re in the mood to be more creative, then bake some cannabis-infused cake or cookies. You can shape them into little eyeballs, ghosts, jack-o’-lanterns, etc. These snacks are a good way to show off your baking and decorating skills.

That said if you’re short on time or already too high to bake anything, then just grab some of your fancy platters and jars and load them up with cannabis treats like Halloween themed jellies, jelly bombs, sour candies, melts, and wigglers. Please note, edibles are pretty tricky since it takes some time before you start feeling its effects. You want your guests to enjoy the party and not end up too stoned, so get edibles with low THC to avoid bad highs and make sure everyone is aware of what they are getting into. 

As a responsible host, you should let your guests know which dishes or snacks have cannabis in them, so put labels on everything you serve at your Halloweed party. Dosing your friends is, in fact, actually pretty unfriendly.  It’s never cool to get someone high without their knowledge or consent. 

You should also offer non-medicated food, in addition to your cannabis-infused edibles, to give your friends more options and for those that don’t partake in cannabis. 

Awesome (And Easy to Do) Cannabis-Themed Halloween Costumes


Your Halloweed party will not be complete without weed-themed Halloween costumes. Below are some of the popular marijuana-themed costumes.

Cheech and Chong – A favorite of many, this popular stoner comedy duo have iconic looks that you can definitely copy. So grab a partner and start planning your Halloweed Cheech and Chong look. Just make sure you’ve got better strains on hand than Maui Waui and Labrabor…

Pineapple Express – Another popular stoner movie, you can also get your cannabis-themed Halloween costume ideas from Pineapple Express. You can dress up like Saul, Dale, or Red.

Cannabis-loving Personalities – There’s no shortage of celebrities who enjoy smoking weed, so it won’t be hard choosing a Halloweed costume that represents them. Here are a few iconic celebrities of the cannabis world – Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, Miley Cyrus, Woody Harrelson and more. 

Woody Harrelson has been unknowingly dressing up as Woody Harrelson for the last 58 years…

Your Favourite Strain – This is super easy to do. Just dress up in an all-green outfit and decorate it with a design that’s characteristically unique to the strain. For example, a banana design for Banana OG, dress up like a Girl Scout for Girl Scout Cookies, or a poison symbol for Durban Poison. Your costume may be simple, but your friends will spend some fun time figuring out what type of strain you are. Maybe avoid this one if your favourite strain is something like Alaskan Thunder Fuck though…

Joint – A quintessential marijuana-themed costume, you can dress yourself up like a joint. You can even make your own joint costume if you don’t want to buy a new one. All you need are an old cardboard box, tape, some green material, and lots of imagination. Stay smoking throughout the night for true authenticity. 

Bag of Weed – Another inexpensive Halloweed costume is dressing up like a bag of weed. All you need are a large-sized transparent garbage bag and some dried common weeds. Just poke holes for your arms and legs, fill the bag up with the dried weeds, and you’re good to go. 



Final Thoughts

Halloween is the perfect night to dress up in crazy costumes, be silly with your friends, and enjoy their company. You can make this holiday an extra special event by turning it into a weed-themed Halloween party. Halloweed gives Halloween a fun twist, but as the host, you need to be responsible. So appoint designated drivers, arrange for taxi services, or plan to have your friends stay the night so they don’t have to drive home stoned or drunk.

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