Gravity Bongs – For When You Want To Feel No Feelings


Lets put the gravity bong aside for a second. The world of cannabis has made some pretty incredible leaps over the last few years. For decades, there was almost no progress when it came to cannabis. Now, innovation and drive lead to new discoveries almost every day. For the longest time, one of the most common things I heard from people is that they did not like smoking weed because they were afraid of getting too high. Now, the ability to micro-dose has changed the game. People can take minuscule doses of THC and/or CBD without having to feel the overwhelming effects they feared. Cannabis will always have people that prefer to feel as least stoned as possible.

By that same token, however, there will always be people on the opposite side of the spectrum. Who know their tolerance and look to challenge it every chance they get. They’ve been to the other side and they’re looking to get back. For people like this, there are Gravity Bongs.

What even is a Gravity Bong?

Well, it’s like a bong. That uses… gravity. There are several variations on gravity bongs with no right or wrong way to do it. Both methods involve an empty bottle, water and weed. By water leaving the bottle it creates a sort of vacuum, pulling the smoke into the bottle. The water essentially acts as your lungs. At least for the initial pull. You’ll have to do the real heavy lifting when it comes time to clear all the smoke from the bottle. It’s similar to a bong in that it allows the user to clear all of the smoke in one go.

The most traditional method, also referred to as a Depth Charge uses a bucket of water to create a vacuum. To make one you’ll need the following:

  • An empty plastic bottle. Any size will do but the bigger the bottle, the more surface area for it to cool slightly so take that into consideration. 2L bottles are the most common.
  • A bucket or bowl of water. It needs to be deep enough that it can submerge almost the entire bottle standing upright.
  • A bowl. If you have a spare bowl lying around (likely from a deceased bong) then that works great. Otherwise you can create a bowl with tinfoil, however, burning aluminum is really not good for you so always try and find a better option if possible. If you’re invested in using your gravity bong longterm, then you can order bowls online designed specifically for using in 2L bottles.
  • Weed – If you don’t have weed, I’m not sure what to tell you…

First, you need to cut the bottom of the plastic bottle. The amount of space you leave will be the amount of space for smoke to gather, so keep that in mind. Next, you want to fill a bucket or bowl with cold water. It won’t do much in the way of cooling the smoke like a normal bong as none of it is actually passing through the water.

Take the cap off our bottle and put your bowl in its place. It should create a seal, ideally. If it is too narrow, you can try drilling a hole in the bottle cap and sticking the bottom of your bowl through that. You will have an attachable bowl going forward.

Grind up your weed and fill the bowl to your desired level.

Keep in mind that the smoke will come fast and powerful, so only add as much as you know you can handle in one breath. Submerge the bottle with the bowl on top. Make sure not get your weed wet! Light the weed with one hand while you slowly raise the bottle in the water. The smoke will begin to be sucked into the bottle. Lift it until the bottle has almost passed the water level. Carefully unscrew the bowl.

Gravity Bong

Put your mouth on the lid and inhale as you push the bottle back into the water. The water will force the smoke out of the bottle and, yep, straight into your lungs. To say using the gravity bong packs a punch would not suffice. It can truly knock you on your butt. That said, if that’s what you’re looking for, then this is the device for you!

The Alternative Method. This is similar…but different. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • All the exact same materials you use with the traditional method! Minus a bucket of water, unless you want to keep one on hand to dunk your head after you use the bong…

The method is pretty similar but this time you don’t need a bucket or bowl of water. Instead of cutting the bottle in half, make a hole the slightly smaller than a dime in the bottom of the bottle.

Grind your herb and fill your bowl.

Fill the bottle with water while covering the hole so no water gets out.

Put the bowl on, light it and release the water from the hole. Again the water will create a vacuum as it leaves the bottom.

Simply unscrew the bowl and inhale. This method is a little less harsh as the smoke is not forced into your lungs.

Why Use A Gravity Bong?

I don’t know. Why go to the moon? Why keep studying the stars? Because. Sometimes you need to keep reaching for something bigger than us. We belong in space. Exploring our universe. The gravity bong does it’s part but getting you so high, you’ll essentially be in orbit. I’m exaggerating, at least a bit, but they do really have the potential to get you quite blitzed. So take it easy and start small.

Gravity bongs are awesome if you don’t have access to a bong or are just looking to try something new. They may have started in the dorm rooms of desperate freshmen but gravity bongs are making a break for the mainstream Just look at the Minister of Weed Seth Rogen use his own!


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