Forget the Mangos, Lemongrass Is The Next Terpene Superfood


I remember when someone first told me that eating mangoes when smoking weed would get you higher. This was long before anyone even brought up lemongrass. I rolled my eyes and chalked it up to just another weed myth. I’d been fooled before. Someone once said that adding milk to your bong would make the smoke thicker. Turns out it just makes your bong permanently smell bad. If you didn’t think bong water could get any nastier; allow me to introduce you to bong milk.

Another time someone told me that when weed was mostly burned and turned to ash, it was most potent. For two months I bought pre-rolled joints from my highschool dealer filled with nothing but mostly burned ash. They didn’t work, but I just thought my tolerance was too high. I was very embarrassed when I eventually learned that weed is, in fact, not good once burnt.

What I’m saying is I’m naive and probably overly optimistic when it comes to weed innovation. When I hear something that is likely too good to be true, I suspend logic and allow my imagination to take over. This has lead me to being burnt a few times. As a result, the more I kept hearing about mangos over and over again, the more I thought it was just a placebo effect or something similar. Many of the first-hand accounts I had read were inconclusive and many people claimed to feel nothing. Still, this did not slow down the rumor from spreading across the globe.

Terpene Power

Quickly, the connection between the myrcene in the mangoes (specifically in the skin) and THC was made. Many cannabis strains contain myrcene of their own, as its a naturally occurring oil. Myrcene helps with insomnia as it makes the user sleepy. So much so that many people in Germany use it as a sleep aid. It also helps is said to help with inflammation and pain. In regards to typical terpenes found in plants, myrcene is the most commonly found.

The synergistic relationship between cannabinoids and terpenes is whats called ‘The Entourage Effect’. Essentially, the efficacy of these chemical compounds is amplified when used in conjunction with one another. As we discussed before, a theory originally brought to the public’s attention by Dr. Ethan Russo, he determined the relationship between cannabinoids and terpenes was far more significant than previously thought.

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It only makes sense that consuming more of the terpene, in addition to the amount naturally occurring in the flower, would lead to a more sedated high. Where the trouble lies, however, is the amount of myrcene actually found in mangos. As stated before, it is mostly found in the skin of the fruit. This means to get enough myrcene to make a noticeable difference, you would need to eat the skins of multiple mangoes. Not only is this not financially viable, but its a huge waste.

Enter Lemongrass

Many people who have tried the mango experiment report feeling little to no effect. This led to people dismissing the theory altogether. Despite this, many people continued trying adding myrcene rich foods to their diet after smoking cannabis.

The results are in and you can forget about mangos. The new terpene-rich superfood is lemongrass oil!

It makes perfect sense too. While mango skins have a high concentration of myrcene, there is a MUCH HIGHER percentage found in lemongrass oil.

How to Use Lemongrass Oil

  • One of the easiest ways to use lemongrass oil is by applying it topically. It is quite potent on its own, so you will want to dilute it with another milder lotion. Simply apply before smoking, with enough time for it to be soaked in, and wait for the myrcene to take your high to an extra relaxed level.
  • Another method for consuming lemongrass oil is by taking it orally. There is a lot of controversy over this method, as many people believe that it should not be taken orally unless specifically told to do so by their doctor. Be warned: some sites say that lemongrass oil is toxic if consumed orally. As a result, we recommend against it. If you do choose to try taking it orally, despite the warnings, use a small amount and gauge how you feel. This is the riskiest option as you are taking a chance anytime you consume something not specifically intended for consumption.
  • A great way of enjoying all the goodness that lemongrass has to offer is by diffusing it for aromatherapy use. Use an aromatherapy diffuser and breathe in the relaxing myrcene vapours.

In addition to being known as the ‘couchlock terpene’, myrcene is also said to help with digestive problems, headaches, acne, athletes foot and muscle aches.

If you want to try mixing lemongrass and cannabis yourself but are not sure where to start, then we recommend trying Temple CBD Tea. Infused with lemongrass, this CBD tea is specifically designed to offer next-level comfort and relaxation.

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Some strains that have naturally high levels of myrcene in them are:

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Try for Yourself

If you’ve tried the mango trick before to no avail, don’t give up hope. People were on the right track when they suggested eating mangoes. We know now that lemongrass oil contains a much higher volume of myrcene. Instead of having to eat a bunch of ripe mango skins, you can now try with just a small amount of lemongrass oil.

Try mixing lemongrass oil into your next session and you may be pleasantly surprised by how much of a difference it can have.

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