Cannabis – Keeping You Warm and Healthy in Winters

winter and cannabis
Do you feel too cold during the winter season? Here, smoke a little pot. It can help keep you warm and comfy. Cannabis is just what you need during these cold winter months. Others will argue though. They say that smoking cannabis can actually make you feel cold. It can lower your body temperature to the point that you’ll be shivering uncontrollably. So, no; cannabis may not be your best friend during these cold winter months. But here’s the thing though. Cannabis can actually do both. It can make you feel hot and sweaty, and it can make you feel cold and freezing. Cannabis – Cool as a Cucumber The higher the cannabis dose, the lower the body temperature. THC is known to produce hypothermia. One animal study showed that THC, at a large dose, caused a decrease in muscle and brain temperatures. The researchers also noticed that THC caused temporary reduction in skin temperature and decreased brain and motor activity. Now, this is exciting. THC and its dose-related effects on body temperature could be beneficial to trauma patients. Its cooling effect can protect the brain during brain surgeries, stroke, traumatic brain injuries, and even seizures. Cannabis – Warm as a Toast The lower the cannabis dose, the higher the body temperature.One study revealed that low-dose cannabis causes hyperthermia and increased body temperature. Some people believe that cannabis’ hyperthermia effects may be due to its vasodilating effects on the peripheral blood vessels. Cannabis acts like a vasodilator; meaning, it causes the blood vessels to dilate or widen. As the blood vessels widen and warm blood flushes through it, you feel warmer and your body temperature increases. So, who can benefit from this cannabis effect? You can. If you’re always feeling extremely cold during the winter season, a low-dose cannabis just might do the trick of warming you up. Are there other ways that cannabis can keep you warm and healthy this winter? There are actually several ways that cannabis can keep you warm and healthy as the fall and winter seasons arrive.  
  • Cannabis boosts your immune system. This means a healthier body to fight off those annoying bouts of colds and flu.
  • It reduces muscle pain. Do you know what makes your arm, back, and legs ache during the winter season? Those hours and hours of decorating your house or shopping for Christmas presents. Cannabis helps relieve aching muscles and joints. It can also control the inflammation that worsens joint problems.
  • Cannabis decreases stress, anxiety, and depression. While the holiday season brings joy and delight, there are countless people who suffer from the holiday blues. Instead of feeling lighthearted, the holiday season fills them with loneliness and increases their stress and anxiety.
To enjoy a good life, a healthy body is not enough. You also have to have a healthy mind. Now, cannabis helps reduce stress and anxiety. It also relieves depression So don’t let the winter season get you down. Cannabis provides various ways of keeping you warm and healthy during these cold months.

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