Cannabis Beer? Gimme Some of That!

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Medical professionals will tell you to never mix alcohol and cannabis.

Beer makes you vomit when you’ve had too much to drink. Cannabis, on the other hand, is a powerful antiemetic that prevents vomiting. These opposite effects increase your risk of developing alcohol poisoning. Cannabis “allows” the alcohol level in your body to accumulate.

Cannabis and beer also amplify each other’s side effects. Alcohol dilates your blood vessels. It allows THC to easily enter into the bloodstream. So you feel THC’s mind-altering effects faster. Cannabis, on the other hand, “overrides” your body’s natural way of getting rid of excess alcohol, which is vomiting.

While some people will tell you that combining the two never gave them any adverse side effects, you’re still putting your health and safety at risk.

Fortunately, you can now enjoy both as top breweries craft cannabis-infused beers.

What’s in a cannabis beer?

Imagine choosing a beer based on the effects you want it to have on your body.

Do you want it to invigorate you? Maybe get you a little high but not completely stoned? Here, have a THC-infused beer! Or maybe you simply want it to relax you without producing any psychoactive effects? Then grab a CBD-infused one!

Smoking weed is a drying trend, and cannabis edibles are becoming the “in” thing nowadays. Naturally, the beer industry wants in on the action. So they are crafting exquisite non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused beers.

But what’s in a cannabis beer? How is it different from a regular beer?

First of all, the mind and body effects you get are not from alcohol but from cannabis. So you get to enjoy the “high” without getting intoxicated. Two, cannabis beers are supposedly better and healthier than regular beers. One study showed that cannabinoids protect your liver against alcoholic liver disease. Three, they taste just as excellent as regular beers, maybe even better with its different terpene contents.

Most cannabis beers make use of barley and infuse it with cannabis oil. Other breweries make use of hops, yeast, and cannabis.

But one Canadian company is taking it one step further. They will be brewing the actual plant itself, using the roots, stems, and stalks. Their process also removes the alcohol content, leaving a non-alcoholic cannabis beer.

But if you’re after a light, crisp, and refreshing flavor, then you’re sure to enjoy a THC-infused Happy Apple Cider. They come in 12-oz bottles with different THC dosages. You have 10 mg, 50 mg, and even 100 mg THC.

Are there CBD beers as well?

If you don’t want the “high” but simply want the therapeutic effects of cannabis, then there are CBD beers to choose from as well. One CBD-infused beer worth a try is Two Flowers IPA by Coalition Brewing. Each bottle contains about 4mg of CBD and zero THC.

If you want a perfect mix of THC and CBD, then there’s Lagunita’s hybrid cannabis beer. It contains equal amounts of 5mg THC and 5mg CBD.

Is there a demand for cannabis beers?

Cannabis consumers are more health conscious nowadays. They are looking for ways to enjoy cannabis without the negative side effects of smoking. You can see this trend in the booming cannabis edibles industry versus the dying trend of smoking cannabis.

The demand for cannabis beers is going up. If the market analysts’ predictions are true, cannabis beers will become the next big thing.


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