Cannabis and Massage – Why Your Body Needs It

Cannabis and Massage

At the end of a long and taxing day, who doesn’t like a massage? After all, they help relieve tired and aching muscles by opening up the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow and drain away the substances that cause muscle pain. After a massage, most people feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Unless you get one of those deep tissue back massages by a 300lb Norweigan named Aksel. In that case, you might feel worse…

Now normal massages are great and all but adding cannabis to the mix elevates the whole experience considerably.  Not only can it relax you, but it can also relieve some of your ailments. CBD oil, for example, can help reduce back pain as well as soreness caused by arthritic joints.

Cannabis and the Skin

The skin is considered the body’s largest organ and an incredibly effective one at that. Our skin acts as a barrier and protects the internal organs and the musculoskeletal system from the environment. It also acts as a sensory organ that transmits signals from our surroundings to our brain. Diseases, illnesses, and an unhealthy diet can all affect the way the skin functions. They work to weaken the skin cells and make us more susceptible to skin problems and infections. They also affect our immune system and natural skin flora, making it harder for our skin to recover.

If you were to just look at the skin on your hand you may not be overly impressed by the complexity and ingenuity of your epidermis (that’s skin in Smart Person). However, not all is how it appears on the surface. First off, our skin cells have endocannabinoid systems…How cool is that?! These biological systems promote healthy skin cells. They also help the immune system fight skin problems. To activate the endocannabinoid systems, our own cells produce cannabis-like chemicals called, you guessed it; endocannabinoids.

Unfortunately, chronic illnesses and medical problems prevent the endocannabinoid system from doing its job. An endocannabinoid system that can’t function normally contributes to the worsening of skin conditions.

This is where the cannabinoids from cannabis can help their endocannabinoid relatives. It’s like asking your cousin to help you move but instead of moving they are actually activating the endocannabinoid systems found in the skin cells and helping them function normally. Pretty much the same thing…

In addition to this, the cannabinoids also dilate the blood vessels. Not only does this improve blood flow, but it also washes away pain-inducing chemicals and toxins caused by stress, physical overexertion, and sore muscles.

Topical Uses for CBD and THC

In any given nug of weed, there are many cannabinoids within its bud structure. As we continue to do research on the efficacy of these cannabinoids we discover more and more incredible uses for these wonderful compounds. As of now, the two most popular for both medical and recreational uses are THC and CBD. These cannabinoids have many topical uses and offer countless skin benefits.

Benefits of CBD and THC when applied topically:buy-cannabis-oil-online-just-cannabis

  • Relieve skin itching and irritation.
  • Reduce localized pain, irritation, and itching caused by insect bites and superficial skin abrasions.
  • Reduce skin inflammation
  • CBD and THC help modulate any abnormal responses of immune cells. By controlling the abnormal inflammatory responses, skin problems like acne, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis can be reduced.
  • Combat bacterial skin infections.
  • Both CBD and THC have powerful antibacterial properties. In fact, some studies even showed that these cannabinoids can kill superbugs such as MRSA, which does not respond to normal antibiotics. As the world’s antibiotics become increasingly ineffective against ever-evolving viruses, we need all the help we can get in fighting these microorganisms and cannabis may play a huge role in combating them.
  • Decrease joint and muscle aches and pains.
  • They help relieve muscle aches and pain caused by overexertion, as well as joint pain caused by arthritis. They stimulate not only the endocannabinoid system (a function of which is to modulate pain), but they also activate other non-cannabinoid receptors as well. These receptors are also known to control pain perception and modulate our body’s response to pain.
  • They act as an antioxidant and protects our skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. Free radicals damage and weaken the skin cells. Their effects contribute to skin aging and the development of wrinkles. They also contribute to skin problems and diseases as well. Studies have revealed that both CBD and THC act as antioxidants that work to combat the negative effects of free radicals on the skin.

History of Cannabis and Massage

Cannabis has long been used as a medicine. People in Ancient China, for one, made use of cannabis in the treatment of arthritic and rheumatic pain, as well as nerve pain. They also used cannabis to relieve muscle aches and soreness. In addition to this, cannabis was also used as a muscle relaxant to control spasticity and tremors. Cannabis only lost its proper place in the modern medical world when countries began prohibiting the use of this psychoactive plant and started treating it as a dangerous drug despite having any evidence to support their claims.

Today, cannabis is having a comeback, both medically and recreationally, all thanks to the countless studies done by tireless scientists on the various benefits of cannabis as well as its lack of any real threat to the user. As time went on and people started to look elsewhere for medical treatments, studies on cannabis and its benefits sparked people’s interest. Thanks to the incredible and at times dangerous (as cannabis remained highly illegal in many countries, even for medical research) studies conducted over the years on the benefits of cannabis, countries have started legalizing medical cannabis again.

Nowadays, it’s no longer difficult to find and buy legal cannabis-based products in different forms. You have cannabis capsules, as well as oils and tinctures in addition to edibles and vape juices.

Not one to be left behind, the health and wellness industry also took an interest in cannabis-derived product’s potential benefits. You can now find several day spas and medical spas offering CBD massages. In Canada, for example, massage with cannabis is increasing in popularity.

Hemp oil for massage usually contain both CBD (the nonpsychoactive cannabinoid) and THC which work wonders for pain-related conditions. Using cannabis massage oil can relieve not just muscle pain and soreness caused by overexertion, but chronic back pain and fatigue, as well as helping control joint pain caused by arthritis. Cannabis massages also relieve chronic pain, reduce muscle tension, ease stress and anxiety, and help improve sleep.

How to Use CBD Massage Oil

To massage with cannabis oil, simply pour a generous amount on the palm of your hand and rub onto the affected area. Apply firm pressure on the area and knead the muscles in a circular motion for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can repeat the process twice a day.

Here are several CBD oils intended for massage:



VIDA Massage Oils (400mg THC 60mg CBD)

Made by Mota, these massage oils contain both CBD and THC, giving you the best of both worlds. Each containing their own unique set of essential oils, these make an excellent addition to any massage.



Arnica Massage Oil (275mg THC)

Made by Baked Edibles Inc. this oil contains full-spectrum THC and terpenes as well as the active ingredient Arnica to give additional pain relief.




You can make also your own hemp oil for massages at home! You only need about two cups of coconut oil or olive oil, a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and a bottle of 500mg or 1000mg CBD tincture or oil.

On a double boiler, gently heat the coconut or olive oil. Add the CBD and Essential oils. Be sure not to heat it over 40 degrees celsius as you want to avoid burning the cannabidiol and essential oils. 

Let the mixture cool before pouring into a clean, airtight, glass jar. Store your CBD massage oil in a cool, dark, and dry place, one that your kids and pets can’t reach.


Sovrin CBD Tincture (1000mg of CBD)

If you are looking to make your own massage oil, we recommend Sovrin’s tincture as it contains pure full-spectrum CBD



If you want the benefits of a full body massage, then book yourself an appointment at a spa that offers massage with cannabis. The pampering can do you a lot of good, both mentally and physically.

Precautions Before Using Cannabis with Massages

Be cautious before using THC with your massages. While it can often help people relax and may help you enjoy the massage even more, it can also cause anxiety in some people. Massages require a great deal of physical touching. If you are prone to being uncomfortable with a stranger touching you, being high will likely not make it much better. You know yourself best and what you can handle but just be cautious of this before taking a huge dab prior to your first massage appointment.  

Final Thoughts

It can’t be denied that massages can help us a great deal. By themselves, massages already have many therapeutic benefits to the mind and body. By adding CBD and even THC, it can make the whole experience even better. The cannabinoids enhance the benefits of massage, and they also produce their own therapeutic and medicinal effects that benefit the skin, muscles, and joints.


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