Can Cannabis Improve Your Sex Life?


Are you looking for a way to spice up your love life? Cannabis could be the answer! For centuries, humans have been aware of the power of marijuana to make their sex lives sizzle. Way back in ancient India, practitioners of tantric sex believed the green stuff could boost libido, make erections last longer and delay ejaculation for longer and more satisfying sessions in the bedroom.

Although scientific evidence has been thin on the ground to prove that weed can be an aphrodisiac, in recent years more studies have come to light which have shown there could definitely be a link between marijuana and amazing sex.

Anandamide – The Bliss Molecule

As you probably know, THC is one of the primary compounds in cannabis. This compound attaches to the brain’s cannabinoid receptors and changes the way in which we perceive pleasure. The effect is extremely similar to that produced by Anandamide, a neurochemical which is called the Bliss Molecule.

The way in which each person’s body reacts to THC will depend on several variables – how familiar you are with the drug, your mood and the setting in which you’re using it. However, for many people, marijuana means great sex. One study from 2016 has shown that around 50% of people who use pot experience aphrodisiac effects.

Great For Guys

When it comes to men who use weed, the evidence is strong that cannabis can delay organism, making sex last longer. There’s also evidence that for guys who suffer from anxiety which leads to erectile dysfunction, cannabis could be the perfect solution. When used in low doses, marijuana decreases anxiety and helps guys to maintain their erection.

Cannabis Lubricants

One of the best ways to incorporate marijuana into your love life is to try out one of the many cannabis lubricants out there. Products such as MJ Creams Lust Lube are designed to enhance the user’s sexual response and increase arousal. Ideal for both men and women, these weed-infused lubricants are used intimately to increase the chance of experience a mind-blowing orgasm.

How Do You Use A Cannabis Lube?

Products Like Lust Lube are highly effective if applied onto the vagina, labia and clitoris or onto the penis’ shaft and head. It can even be applied anally for even greater sexual enhancement. Best applied around 20 minutes before you have sex, you’ll need to wait for it be absorbed before the effect takes hold. You can even increase the strength of the effect by applying another dose after around 15 minutes. Simply apply the recommended amount (around 8 drops) directly onto the desired area and wait for the lube to be absorbed.

Although it isn’t the right choice for everyone, weed lubes have been shown to be extremely effective for anyone who wants to find a way to bring more excitement into their love life. It’s definitely something that any marijuana-loving couple should experience at least once – who knows, it could become part of your regular seduction routine!

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