Beginner’s Guide on How to Buy Vape Pen


Experts say that the trend of consuming cannabis by smoking the flower is declining. Consumers are increasingly aware of the dangers involved in smoking any combusted matter, even if cannabis is far less toxic than tobacco. The combustion of flower creates carcinogenic byproducts that increase the risk of developing lung disease. It is because of these health risks that many consumers are now switching to a healthier alternative of consuming cannabis such as vaping and edibles. Vaping, compared to smoking, doesn’t involve any combustion.

When discussing vaping one may refer to heating the flower to the point that it begins to vaporize, or the increasingly popular method, using cannabis oil in vape pens. We are going to take a look specifically at the oil pen in response to its ever-increasing demand.  

One of the key elements to a good vaping experience is investing in a quality vape pen. We are proud to offer several varieties of vapes and vape pens for sale. As a beginner to vaping how do you choose a quality yet affordable vape pen?

How does a vape pen work?

Most vape pens have four major components. You have the tank which holds the vape oil (cartridge for single-use) and the atomizer which serves as its heater. We are pleased to offer a variety of cartridges as well as Juul compatible pods, or vape oil on its own if you prefer to fill it yourself. You also have the sensors and software which control the pen and the battery which powers the device.

Vape pens do not create smoke, unlike joints and bongs. You also don’t need a lighter. Instead, just the push of a button or in some cases simply inhaling will turn the vape pen on and control its temperature. The atomizer will then heat up the oil, turning it into vapor which you inhale through the mouthpiece.

Cannabis Cartridges

What are the factors to consider when you buy vape pen?

You want a vaporizer battery that gives you better control of the vape pen’s temperature. The better you can control the temperature, the more terpenes (the oils that give cannabis its taste and smell) from the vape oil. You also want a battery that is low maintenance, lasts a long time, and has a higher energy density like Lithium-ion batteries. Unfortunately, some vape pen batteries continue to heat the coil long after you release the button. The increase in temperature can burn the cannabinoids. This decreases the potency of your vape oil and affects its terpene profile. It also increases the risk of the battery exploding. So before buying a vape pen, always read reviews about the product first.

You want a vape oil that is honey-like in consistency. Not too watery, not too viscous. If it’s too watery, then it might not contain pure cannabis oil. Some vape oils contain synthetic flavorings as well as additives like propylene glycol. If it’s too viscous, then it might contain some of the plant’s waxes and chlorophyll.

Some cheap vape pens contain Teflon. While it is heat resistant, it can still melt under high temperatures and create toxic fumes. In choosing a vape pen for sale, try to avoid those that contain Teflon.

What are the differences between smoking and vaping cannabis?

Vape pens are a healthier and safer alternative to smoking joints and bongs. You don’t have to inhale carcinogenic byproducts produced when you take in smoke. Instead, what you will be inhaling is vapor, which is created when the oil is heated.

Vaping can also offer more terpenes in the vape oil, that might otherwise get lost when heated to combustion temperatures. You also get to enjoy the full potency of the terpenes and cannabinoids when heat activates and turns them into vapor. 

With vaping, you’re given better control over the temperature. With some pens you can easily adjust the temperature setting, making the oil more potent and your experience more intense. With joints and bongs, you can’t control the temperature.

Vaping is also more discreet compared to burning cannabis. It doesn’t produce the same strong scent of smoke. Vapor is also lighter than smoke, so it diffuses faster and therefore shouldn’t irritate your respiratory system the same way as smoking a joint does. This means it should not cause extreme coughing. If it does, try turning down your temperature or taking shorter drags as your oil is likely burning. 

Finally, vape pens are cost-effective. You don’t have to finish the whole tank of vape oil in one sitting if you don’t feel like it. Vape pens, in a way, allow you to enjoy multiple sessions. Smoking joints, on the other hand, can only be lit and re-lit so many times.

How much do vape pens cost?

You should know that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it is premium quality. In fact, there are cheap vape pens that are very good quality. Just read product reviews and customer feedback first before you buy vape pen. A vape pen can cost anywhere between $25 and $50. The kit usually contains a cartridge, the vape pen, and the charger. The cost of cartridges is usually around $45 to $60, depending on the strain used in the vape oil and the extraction method.


We recommend the following trusted and reliable vapes:

  • Keyy– With popular flavours like Blueberry and Sour Diesel , as well as CBD options, Keyy is definitely one of the more popular vape pen brands out there.
  • Pure Pull– Offering a wide variety of options including disposable pens and multiple strain options, Pure Pull is a name recognized and respected by seasoned users.
  • Sovrin- Known for their world-class extracts, their cartridges meet that standard and then some. With tons of strain options that you often can’t find in cartridges, Sovrin is a must for seasoned users and new users alike.
  • OnliFlower– The newest exciting addition to our ever-expanding line of cartridges, OnliFlower offers an impeccable product at a great value.

Final Thoughts

If you want a safer and healthier alternative to smoking cannabis, then try a vape pen. It doesn’t produce smoke, but instead gives you the full flavors and aromas of the oil. It can be just as potent as smoking cannabis, but you don’t have to worry about inhaling carcinogenic chemicals.

That being said, before you purchase the first vape that you see, it’s important to know the important factors to look for. Hopefully, the advice above can help you choose a quality yet cheap pen.

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